Clear Bra

Our clear bra wraps are a great way to add an invisible layer of protection on your vehicle to avoid rock chips and other minor damage.

Clear Bra Wrap

A Clear Bra, or paint protection film, is a thin film of plastic applied to painted surfaces of your vehicle to protect it from scratches, chips, sap, bird droppings, rocks & other hazards of the road.

Why Install a Clear Bra Wrap on Your Vehicle?


Driving your vehicle around Los Angeles puts it in harms way on a daily basis. From shopping cart dings at the supermarket, rocks getting kicked up on the freeway, to sap and bird droppings eating away at your vehicles paint. Protecting your vehicle’s new or factory paint job with a Clear Bra is the smartest solution to keep your vehicle looking brand new.



Millions of people all over Los Angeles have a screen protector on their iPad, iPhone, or other smartphone device. You protect your phone from scratches and chips, protect your vehicle from scratches & chips as well with a Clear Bra. Plus, it even adds resale value! A vehicle that looks new will sell faster and offers more perceived value than a vehicle that looks old and worn. Protect your investment by installing a Clear Bra wrap on your vehicle.

What To Expect:

  • Assessment
    • One of our talented and professionally trained Clear Bra & Vinyl Wrap technicians will meet with you to discuss your vehicle’s needs as well as thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any already existing chips or damage to your vehicle.
    • Discuss the type of wrap and amount of coverage suitable for your vehicle.
  • Schedule Your Service
    • Most work can be done Same-Day or if necessary Schedule Your Appointment for a later date.
  • Drop Off Vehicle
    • Drop off your vehicle at our West LA location where we will clean the exterior of your vehicle, making sure to remove any dirt or grime that would impede or obstruct the application of the Clear Bra to your vehicle.
  • Service
    • Our team of certified wrap technicians will give your vehicle and its new wrap the attention it deserves. All of our Vinyl Wrap & Clear Bra services are performed with the expert eye for detail and care that Exoticar is known for. 
  • Inspection
    • Once the wrap is applied it will be thoroughly inspected by one of our technicians to ensure the final product is not bubbling, or warped in anyway, and to also ensure that your clear bra is fully and completely covering the intended areas.
  • Client Inspection
    • Walk through of the services rendered on your vehicle.
    • Inform you of any special care instructions required for your vehicle the next few days after application.
  • Payment 
    • We accept all major Credit Cards as well as Cash or Checks.

Exoticar LA Clear Bra & Vinyl Wrap Installation

At Exoticar LA, we are experts in auto body repair services & custom vehicle alterations. Since 2007 we have dedicated ourselves to transforming every vehicle that has rolled into our shop, whether back to factory specs or something entirely new. From repair services to customization of vehicle parts and aesthetics our professionally trained team of technicians has years of know-how and expertise to transform your car, truck, or SUV into the vehicle of your dreams. 


For all your auto body repairpowder coating, or custom vinyl wrapping needs – Visit us today at our West LA location or fill out the Contact Form below to request a quote on your vehicle’s Clear Bra wrap installation or any of the other automotive services we offer. 

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