Powder Coating Rims

Make your rims look “fresh from the factory” for years to come with the powder coating services at Exoticar LA.

Los Angeles Powder Coating Rims

Exoticar LA offers a variety of services dedicated to your wheels & rims, from repair and reconditioning to rim powder coating. If you’re buying a new set of rims, or in the process of repairing or reconditioning your original ones, customizing them with a powder coat is a great and inexpensive way to add some flair to your ride.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a type of painting, but rather than using a liquid to transfer its pigment- powder coating utilizes a dry application.  The main advantages to this method are that the powder coating can be applied thicker than liquid media paints, and this coating, once cured, is harder and more durable than conventional paints. The thick, hard coating that powder coating provides make it perfect for rims and other automotive parts that take a beating, like brake calipers.

Why Choose Powder Coating?


There are several reasons to choose powder coating over a traditional paint job, but the reason many automotive enthusiasts choose powder coating, especially for their rims and brake calipers, is because it performs far better than any traditional liquid paint job. First off, powder coating is actually designed specifically for adding color to metal and wheels. The electrostatic bond created during the powder coating process along with the baking to cure the coat ensures that it produces a coating that is naturally thicker and more durable than liquid paint jobs.



When you are customizing a part of your vehicle, you want to be sure that it looks exactly the way you want it to. The best part about powder coating rims is that every step is fully customizable, leaving you free to express you and your vehicle’s unique sense of style. Customize your powder coating to match your car’s existing color, or create an entirely new color. The possibilities are endless!

Powder Coating Rims Process

Powder coating is a tried and tested alternative to traditional, liquid rim painting. The powder coating method uses colored powders, these powders that make up the powder coating process are a combination of finely ground plastics that can be mixed into various hues and pigments, matching your vehicle’s color exactly or can be customized with a completely new color.


  • At our West Los Angeles powder coating location your wheels will be removed from your vehicle by one of our teams of expert wheel & tire technicians.
  • Your tires will then be removed from their rims, and kept safely in storage until they are ready to be reattached to your newly powder coated rims.
  • Your rims will then be cleaned and sandblasted to remove any debris and grime, sandblasting has the dual effect of cleaning any caked on grime or debris present on your rims while also making the rims coarse and rough- giving the powder coat an ideal surface to attach to.
  • Once the sandblasting is completed, your rims will be baked in an oven to ensure that they are completely dry and primed for the next step of the process. Afterwards, once they are completely cleaned and primed it’s time to begin applying the powder coat.
  • The powder coat color you chose is then applied with a special powder coating gun. The gun simultaneously applies an electrostatic charge to the powder coat’s granules as well as the rims themselves. The electrostatic charge holds the granules in place creating a smooth complete surface all over the entire rim.
  • Once completely covered, your powder coated rims are then baked in the oven again to cure the powder, increasing their durability. The result is a vibrant, even and uniform look along with an exceptionally durable and long lasting finish for your rims.
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