Powder Coating

Whether you’re looking to restore that showroom look or do a color change that sets your vehicle apart, our Los Angeles powder coating team can do it!

Wheel repair and refurbishing

We offer full-service alloy wheel repair, wheel refinishing, wheel straightening, wheel re-manufacturing to get your wheels looking brand new again.

Color Conversion

We only use the highest grade powder coating materials and are meticulous in each and every application.  Exoticar can help set your vehicle apart from the crowd through a wheel or brake caliper color change  and a truly custom look.

Exoticar LA Powder Coating

At Exoticar LA, we offer full-service powder coating solutions for wheels and brake calipers onsite at our West Los Angeles powder coating shop.


Unlike traditional paint that is prone to chip and fade, powder coating your wheels and brake calipers offers a super durable, high-quality finish that protects in a way that traditional paint can’t. Powder coated parts are able to withstand the harsh elements and hazards of the road- like abrasions, dirt, heat and dust, more effectively than any other type of coating on the market.

Powder coating is a metal finishing process that replaces traditional wet paint for any metal part that requires a durable, chip-free coating. More environmentally friendly than liquid paint, the colored powder utilized in the powder coating process is a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer which is applied electrostatically and then cured through a baking process allowing it to form a single complete skin covering the entire metal part. This insures that your vehicle’s parts keep their color and finish for much longer than traditional wet paint.


A process found on thousands of products that you come in contact with everyday, powder coating is used on machinery designed to take a beating- like bulldozers and chainsaws. It is also the number one choice for luxury and exotic car manufacturers who utilize powder coating to create beautiful, durable finishes on their vehicle’s parts.


Whether you want to change the color of your wheels, or protect your brake calipers from the hazards of the road, powder coating is an affordable solution that will provide years of protection and an appealing finish that is sure to capture the attention of everyone who sees you cruising down the road.


Exoticar LA is your one-stop-shop for your automotive powder coating needs. Specializing in wheels and brake calipers, our Los Angeles powder coating team has the skills and tools to give your wheels and brake calipers the most attractive, durable, and high quality finish available.


At Exoticar LA, we are experts in auto body repair services & custom vehicle alterations. Since 2007 we have dedicated ourselves to transforming every vehicle that has rolled into our shop, whether back to factory specs or something entirely new. From repair services to customization of vehicle parts and aesthetics our professionally trained team of technicians has years of know-how and expertise to transform your car, truck, or SUV into the vehicle of your dreams.


For all your auto body repair, clear bra paint protection film, wheel repair, or tire needs – Visit us today at our West LA location or fill out the Contact Form below to request a quote on your vehicle’s powder coating or any of the other automotive services we offer.

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