Paint Touch-Ups

Door dings, chips, & bumper scuffs are things you no longer have to worry about. From a simple paint touch-up to full panel repairs, our expert auto body painters can match nearly any paint color and have your car looking brand new again!

Paint Touch-Ups

We offer full-service auto body paint touch-up and restorations for all vehicles at our West LA location. Our team of expert auto body painters are true artists who have years of experience in all types of auto body painting techniques and procedures.

Color Matching

Utilizing only the most advanced color matching technology along with the highest grades of auto paint and materials, Exoticar LA makes your vehicle’s paint touch-up or restoration look flawless and showroom ready. Whether restoring your vehicles paint job to its original luster or something entirely new, our expert auto body painters are here to help.

What to Expect:

  • 1 on 1 Personal Assessment
    • One of our talented and professionally trained auto paint technicians will meet with you at our West Los Angeles shop to discuss your vehicle’s paint needs and identify areas in need of a quick paint touch-up or repair.
  • Schedule Your Service
    • Schedule Your Appointment with one of our trained technicians for a later date.
  • Drop-Off Vehicle
    • Your technician will determine the amount of time needed to paint your vehicle, and inform you of the amount of time we need to keep your vehicle to complete the job up to our rigorous standards.
  • Perform Work
    • Your vehicle’s exterior will be meticulously cleaned and prepped for its new coat of paint, in the areas determined during the assessment.
    • Our team of paint technicians will then begin touching up and restoring your vehicle to its original look and finish. All of our auto body paint services are performed with an expert eye for detail and the care that Exoticar LA is known for.
  • Wash Your Vehicle
    • Included with the service of your vehicle. Your car’s exterior will be washed and cleaned before being returned to you.
  • Inspection 
    • After the job is completed and the paint has dried a member of our service technicians will thoroughly inspect the quality and look of the paint before informing you that your vehicle is ready.
  • Client Inspection
    • Walk through of the services rendered on your vehicle.
  • Payment
    • We accept all major Credit Cards as well as Cash or Checks.

Exoticar LA Paint Touch-Ups

At Exoticar LA, we understand that your car’s beautiful glossy finish is the first thing everyone notices when you pull up to the curb. A brand new paint job makes your car attractive and enhances the pride of ownership you feel in your vehicle. However, road hazards, parking lot dings, and weather in Los Angeles can begin to take their toll on your paint. Touching up the paint of your vehicle is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make your vehicle look new again.

With our in-house team of expert auto body painters we can color-match our touch-up paint to the exact pigment and hue of your vehicle, ensuring that no one will be able to tell that it has been repainted.

Visit us today and let us restore and make your car look beautiful again with the painting options available at Exoticar LA. From a simple paint touch-up on scratches and chips, full restorations on panels and bumpers, rim powder coating and even vinyl vehicle wraps we are expert auto body repair and wheel restoration specialists with over 20 years of business at our West LA location.


Use the Contact Form below or visit us to schedule your paint touch-up with one of our expert painting technicians here at Exoticar LA.

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